What employment is there in netball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It depends on what position you are if you are a GS(goal shooter) then you are the person that has to shoot the goals.The ball will come down and you have to get away from the GK (goal keeper) and get the ball. The D on the Netball corut is where u shoot, u have to be in the D to shoot!. your not aloud into the other thirds of the courts GA(goal attack) You shoot to but you do more running and you have to get away from GD(goal defence). Your aim is to get the ball down to the GS so GS or you have the chance to shoot! you cant go into the other third where the ither teams are shooting. WA(wing attack) You are the wing support. you have to help the ball go down to your GA and GS so they can shoot you cant go down the other third and you cant go in the D.You are to be on the wing to help. C(centre) is the one that does the most running!you need to get the ball and bring it up! u stand on the centre and start off with the ball and pass it to yuour team to get it to the goal. your aloud everywhere just not in the D's. GK9goal keeper) You have to stop the ball getting to your player your marking so they cant shoot. you are the defender and you just have to stick on your partner so they dont shoot! you have to be 3 feet away to put your hands up! GD(gaol defence) You do the same as GK but do more running you have to defend GA and hope she doesnt get the ball.and when its there C you have to defend and get the ball at all times. WD(wing defence) your like WA you just have to defend and help GK bring the ball up!

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Being a proffessional netball player yourself. Or, umpires and score/time keepers.

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Q: What employment is there in netball?
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