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There are a couple of elements that are mainly used in high-speed drills and abrasives. These elements are tungsten and diamond, or carbon.

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Q: What element is used in high speed drills and abrsives?
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What element is Used for abrasives and high speed drills?

Abrasives and high speed drills are often made of carbide alloys of carbon and various metals.

What is the element used in high speed drills?

we should find this out! O/

What can be made from high speed steel?

drills, cutting tools

What uses are there for high speed steel?

High Speed Steel is mostly used for manufacturing various cutting tools such as drills, milling cutters, saw blades, knives etc.

What is the element used in high speed drills and abrasives?

Carbon, in the form of diamonds. Ground-up garnets are also used, in the form of a coating stuck to abrasive materials such as disks for angle-grinders and the best kinds of "sand-paper".

What element is used in high speed photography?

High shutter speed and fast lens/Big open aperture.

What does hss stand for?

HSS commonly stands for "High-Speed Steel." It is a type of steel used in cutting tools, drills, and other applications where high wear resistance and toughness are required.

Is high speed steel a metal?

yes. it is very hard and will cut even if very hot and at red heat. it is mainly used for cutting tools such as drills.

What are hss cutting tools?

Apparently, hss cutting tools are cutters, bits, reamers, saws, bores and drills. In this case, hss stands for high-speed steel.

What is M-2 high speed steel?

M-2 is a general purpose molybdenum-type high speed steel. It is the most commonly produced high speed steel worldwide. It is used for drills, reamers, taps, pucnhs, pins and dies. It hardens to RC 65, when heat treated at 2225 degrees F. See the related lniks for more information.

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Which element can cut glass?

water can cut through glass but only when at a very high speed and a thin stream