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no clue, dont live in Louisiana, but there was an NBA lockdown that season.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-18 15:09:59
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Q: What effect did Hurricane Hugo have on the NBA finals in 1999?
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When did hurricane Hugo form?

Hurricane Hugo formed on September 9, 1989. Hurricane Hugo was a category 5 hurricane that affected the Northeast and Southeastern United States.

Does hurricane Hugo have a nickname?

no hurricane hugo does not have nickname his name is already to short

Did hurricane Hugo hit new york?

No. Hurricane Hugo hit the Carolinas.

What state did hurricane Hugo damage?

North Carolina was the State in which Hurricane Hugo damaged

In what year did hurricane Hugo hit Kansas?

No hurricane has ever hit Kansas. But Hugo was 1989.

How many people died in Hurricane Hugo?

Hurricane Hugo was responsible for the death of 82 people.

How did hurricane Hugo effect people?

their houses are probably messed up u they won't have a place to stay in

Was hurricane Hugo one of the worst hurricane ever?


Was hurricane Hugo or Katrina bigger?

Hurricane Katrina.

Where did Hurricane Hugo hit?


What hurricane hit South Carolina in 1989?

I think it was hurricane Hugo

How many tornadoes were there in hurricane Hugo?

Hurricane Hugo produce 3 tornadoes. 2 rated F1 and 1 rated F0.

Did hurricane Hugo destroy any buildings?

Of course it did, it was a very powerful hurricane.

Why did hurricane Hugo happen?

Hurricane Hugo first formed on September 9, 1989. Hurricanes are a force of nature and they happen when certain conditions cause winds to build up over the water, then move onto the land. This is why Hurricane Hugo happened.

Was hurricane Hugo the biggest hurricane to ever occur?

No, the largest hurricane/typhoon to occur was Typhoon Tip.

When did Hurricane Hugo hit?

September 1989

How strong was hurricane Hugo?

Category five.

How did hurricane Hugo affect the environment?


What state did hurricane Hugo end in?


Did hurricane Hugo hit Florida?

yes it did

Where did hurricane Hugo form?

Hurricane Hugo was a destructive Category 5 hurricane that struck Guadeloupe, Montserrat, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Antigua and South Carolina in September of the 1989 Atlantic hurricane season. This intense hurricane tracked through the Lesser Antilles and to South Carolina as a category 4 hurricane, and was the costliest hurricane in the Atlantic at that time. Hurricane Hugo formed over the eastern Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands on September 9, 1989.

What was the lowest recorded barometric pressure for Hurricane Hugo and Katrina?

hugo 918mb katrina 902mb

How did hurricane Hugo form?

Hurricane Hugo formed in September of 1989 when a cluster of thunderstorms formed off the coast of Africa. Given time and the warm waters of the ocean, the thunderstorms banded together to form the hurricane.

What was Hurricane Hugo's category?

Hugo was a category 5.

How many people were injured by hurricane Hugo?