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A degree in sports and have to go to traing camp.

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2008-04-14 00:57:06
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Q: What education does a NBA player need to qualify to play?
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How much education do you need to become a basketball player?

nothing you just need to know how to play.

Do you need a degree to become a baseball player?

No, there is no education requirements to play baseball.

How many games does an NBA player need to play in to qualify for the NBA scoring title?

Atleast 60 games.

Do you need a school education 4 a pro softball player?

YeAh they won't let you play without an education.

Do soccer players need education?

Yes, you need to have education to be a soccer player because the leaders of the soccer teams would not only take you and play with just because your good, no they would see if you have education to take you and become a professional soccer player.

How does an NHL goalie qualify for an NHL pension?

To qualify for NHL pension a player must play 400 games

What education do you need to play rugby?

Technically you do not need a formal education to play the game. However you do need the ability to learn the laws, regulations how to play the game.

What education do you need to become an NFL player?

None, but if you want to go to play college football, you need to be taking something up to get a diploma.

Do you need education to play baseball?


Does every player in tennis play in the Australian Open?

No, tennis players have to qualify themselves to play the Australian Open.

How long does a player have to play to qualify for a major league baseball pension?

10 years

How many games does an Australian rules football player have to play to qualify for finals?

There is no minimum number of games that an Australian rules football player has to play to qualify for finals. It depends on if your team makes it to the finals, then the coach can choose whichever players he thinks are best to play in the finals .

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