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None, but if you want to go to play College Football, you need to be taking something up to get a diploma.

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Q: What education do you need to become an NFL player?
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What college do you need to become a NFL player?

Any college that has a football team

What needs to be done to become a NFL player?

you need to be good in college then enter the nfl draft. if you get drafted then you need to go to training camp

What do you have to do to become an NFL football player?

To become a player in the NFl you need to have some basic skills. You need to have alot of stanima. Speed to cover,rush, catch, run, through. The last skill is smarts knowing what play to call or what to do. you need to be dedicated to the dont want to do it for the money.

How much education to be a NFL player?

High School

You want to be an NFL player but when you get to high school do you have to get a special grade to become an NFL player?

Well to be get in to the NFL, you have to get drafted or be a walk on, but drafting easier. To get drafted you need to go to collage, and to get to collage and play, you usually need an average grade point of 2.0 to play.

What is the education or training required for a NFL football player?


What do you need to become an NFL player?

confidence sprite heart and you also got to be a good team and never for get practice.

How hard is it to become an NFL player?


What education and training do you need to become a nfl football player?

You need to have a good football history from the high school you attended, understand the game well and also it is important to be coachable...your best bet is to play college football and try your best to stand out and play well

What education is required to be a NFL head coach?

There is no specific education required to be an NFL head coach. You need to have relevant experience and a college degree.

What education is required to become a NFL coach?

to go to the nlf no schooling is requied

Can you become a NFL player with out going to college?