What eats a alpine phacelia?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: What eats a alpine phacelia?
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What eats the alpine phacelia?

people that are carnivores like me and eat animals

What eats alpine Phacelia?

people that are carnivores like me and eat animals

How does the Alpine Phacelia survive?

Well, just because.

What animals eat the alpine phacelia?

the snow leopards thats all I know because im doing a project on the alpine biome too.

What eats the phacelia?

people that are carnivores like me and eat animals

Where does the Alpine Phacelia plant live?

It lives on most mountain ranges across the world. It is very common in mountainous areas.

When was Phacelia stebbinsii created?

Phacelia stebbinsii was created in 1970.

When was Phacelia argillacea created?

Phacelia argillacea was created in 1973.

When was Phacelia cookei created?

Phacelia cookei was created in 1970.

What plants live in tundra climate?

There is still a small variety of plants like, alpine phacelia, bear grass, moss campion, pygmy bitterroot, a wild potato here and there, and a small quantity of lichens. But there are some trees like the bristlecone pine and the polylepis forest.

What eats an alpine chipmunk in the food chain?

coyotes owls cats snakes and alot if ither rodent eating animals

What eats arctic alpine forget-me-nots?

Small bugs such as amphids, potatoe Flee beetle, Thrips and spider mites.