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Q: What driver has the most pole positions at the Coke Zero 400?
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Which out of Coke Diet Coke and Coke Zero has the most phosphoric acid in it?

hubuly bubuly

Most popular number to win the coke zero 400?


What is coke zero?

Definitely coke always go original. Coke Zero. Get as few calories as possible. You might as well eliminate the calorie problem considering you're hurting your kidneys, bladder, ability to absorb sugar and tolerance for caffeine by drinking it.

How do types of coke such as Diet Coke Coca Cola Coke Zero and Coke with a twist of lime differ in affecting your teeth?

it depends on the one with the most sugar because all soda is acidic witch is horrible for your teeth

What would happen to eggs in Coke zero?

Most eggs will eventually be cracked by the pressure of the carbonated soda.

Which Coca-Cola products are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero?

Would be Diet Coke. Because people who drinks regular coke would not change their drinks because two reasons. The first is that when Coca-Cola first start with Coke Zero the label was exactly the same as Diet Coke's can, which is a drink target to women. And the second reason is that people who drink regular Coke are not going to sacrifice regular Coke's taste.

Which coke burst the most out of coke Diet Coke orange and sprite?

i found that it was coke

Why does the name Coke Zero not include the word diet?

Probably because diet soda has a (well-deserved, in my opinion) reputation for tasting vile. They wanted to avoid that stigma, since Coke Zero is (again, in my opinion) rather less vile than most diet sodas (though anyone who says it tastes "just like regular Coke" has had their taste buds killed off by too much diet soda). Also, there was already a "Diet Coke" brand. The company probably didn't want people to confuse the two.

What soda explodes most when mixed with Mentos?

Diet coke because it has the most chemicals and bad stuff in it along with coke.

How much caffeine does root beer pepsi and coca cola have?

This data came from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Just giving credit (and blame, if any of the figures are incorrect) where it's due. All figures are for a 12 oz. serving (one can).Most root beer (including Barq's Diet Root Beer) has none; caffeine is not a natural ingredient in root beer, and has to be specifically added.Barq's Regular Root Beer has 23 mg. This may be what the slogan "Barq's has bite" refers to.Regular Coke (and Coke Zero, and Diet Pepsi) has 35 mg.Regular Pepsi has 38 mg.Diet Coke has 47 mg.Suddenly the fanaticism of some Diet Coke drinkers makes a lot more sense; they've allowed their addition to caffeine to overwhelm the fact that their taste buds are telling them "this tastes vile." Doesn't explain Coke Zero, but Coke Zero isn't (quite) as foul as Diet Coke.

Which soda will fizz more coke sprite or orange crush?

coke and pepsi spews the most!~!!!

In the 1980s which drink was most popular Pepsi Coke Tab or Gatorade?