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Q: What dose good leadership look like in soccer?
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Why do they like to play soccer?

because soccer is good

What is a good sentence for the word assist in soccer?

i dont know but i like to play soccer

What if you are good at running but not a good soccer player and you play soccer?

If you really like playing soccer, keep playing. Maybe try to improve and practice more if you think you're not good at it. However, if you just like running and not soccer, maybe join a track team. Track is pretty much only running, do you might like it.

Do guys like girls that are good at soccer?

yes, because girls that play soccer are hard!

What dose candy taste like?

good stuff.

Your boyfriend is a soccer playerany ideas on a cute way to ask him to formal using soccer balls?

Your should bake him a cake in the shape of a soccer ball saying, 'Will you go to formal with me!?' and then go play soccer with him after. Even if your not that good, and eve if you don't like soccer, if you like him than you will do what he likes! Do bad on purpose, so he will help you! GOOD LUCK! :]

Is it good or bad for schools to have a soccer team?

it is good sometimes but some people who don't like soccer say it is bad

Is Uruguay soccer team good?

Uruguay soccer team is currently ranked 12th in the world of best soccer teams. They also have a lot of good players like Sebastian Abreu and Diego Forlan. So overall they are a pretty good team.

How musch does a soccer player get paid a year?

It actually depends on who your playing for how good your team is and all that halabiloo but, soccer players are the most paid sport players so if you want to be a soccer player like moi, GOOD CHOICE! :)

What is a good conclusion paragraph for soccer and basketball?

do sowhat's a good girl combustible going to the shower is looks like Nova have the same team because congressional soccer camera football why I

Why do you want to play on a soccer team for scholarship?

Well some people like soccer just like me but its a opinion

Are Australians good at soccer?

Yes, Australians are very good at football and play just like most of the world does.