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Q: What dose follow through mean in archery?
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What does follow-through mean in archery and why is it important?

follow through in archery means hold your stance for a few seconds after you release .

What does follow-through mean in archery and why is it important ?

Follow-through means holding the bow exactly where it was during the aiming process. It is especially important in archery because everything that is crucial to a good shot happens in a millisecond.

What does follow through mean in archery and why so important?

Follow through is keeping your bow arm and the rest of your body relaxed but still because if you move while the arrow is still leaving your bow, even a perfect start will be ruined by your movements pushing the arrow away in the wrong direction.

What dose rules mean?

it means you have to follow something that someone gives you to do="RULES"

What dose appointed mean?

by, through, or as a result of an appointment

What do archery mean?

Archery is the sport where you shoot arrows at a target with a bow.

What does follow-through mean in archery and why is ir important?

'Follow through' is the part of a shot where you are loosing an arrow for a fraction of a second. Unlike firearms, there is a noticeable delay between choosing to shoot by releasing the sting and the arrow actually leaving the bow. In this time, moving your bow arm or another part of your body can have significant and unpredictable effects on the end shot itself.

Where is the archery target hidden in superbia?

If you mean the archery target for the brave task then it is in the trading post.

Who is the goddess of Archie?

If you mean Archery, The Greek Goddess of hunting / Archery was Artemis, "The huntress". I think.

What does draw mean in archery?

to pull back

Why are your archery arrows kicking?

what do you mean by kivcking

What does follow through mean in soccer?

"Follow through" means, in soccer, to just simply follow the ball, listen for instruction, or to keep it from the team you're playing against.

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