What does zone mean in hockey?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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There's 3 zones in an Ice Hockey rink divided by lines, there's 2 blue lines and 1 red line between these 2.

If you are defending your net it means you are in your defensvive zone, delimited by the very beginning of the rink and the first blue line.

If you advance, and cross this blue line you enter into the neutral zone, which is the zone between the two blue lines with the red line in the middle, and if you pass the second blue line it means your are in the attacking zone, or offensive zone.

When you are attacking and the puck is handed by your wingers they should (theorically) never give or pass the puck to your defensive man, which are two and are preventing the puck to go out of the attacking zone standing at the top of the attacking zone, you as a winger are supposed to do plays with the other 2 wingers in the atacking zone, like the box, triangle, set up behind, etc., and never pass it back to your defensive man, if you do this, it means you took it out of the zone.

There'e another zone called red zone or blind zone (if i remember correctly), but that's for goalies, which means that the puck is handed most of the times for the against team and it's behind the net, which is really hard for goalies...

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Q: What does zone mean in hockey?
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I believe the offensive zone is the zone where you are trying to score in.

What is the neutral zone in hockey?

The zone between the two blue lines

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If you are referring to zones on a hockey rink, there are three. The Attacking Zone is the other teams end, the neutral Zone is the central area where the puck is dropped at the beginning of the period, after a goal or after a miscall by a linesman. The last zone is the Defending Zone and it is the area controlled by your team.

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What are the '' zones'' on ice hockey?

The neutral zone, the defensive zone and the offensive zone. Both the defensive zone and offensive zone depend on which direction your team is going. The neutral zone is found within the two blue lines.

Does a goal count in ice hockey if it is shot from the opponents attack zone?

Yes it counts.

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