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i think it's a force of gravity

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Q: What does your hands apply when you throw a ball?
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How do they juggle in the circus?

throw and catch the ball in opposite hands

Can you throw the ball with two hands on the serve in volleyball?

Yes. :)

How do you throw in a throw in?

two feet on the ground hands and ball over head its one motion

How do you take throw in football?

You put your hands behind your head like your holding on to the back of your neck but with the ball in your hands. You then throw it back over your head. If the ball is behind your head enough it is considered a foul.

How can i throw a ball when i don't have any hands?

With your teeth Use your stubs where your hands are gone. Or use your feet.

Who is the only person allowed to touch the ball with ther hands in a soccer game?

The goalie is the only person that can touch the ball during the soccer game unless it is a throw in then the defence can use their hands to throw it in. or the ref

Can you throw the ball with your hands and if it touches the floor is it a goal?

No because I Amy said so

Is the dogs mouth cleaner then the humans mouth?

no its not cleaner because the Dogs have a lot more germs than we do because Example: humans throw a ball and we throw it with our hands and our hands have the most germs so when you throw the ball the dog picks up the germs. hope i helpedd :D

Why in soccer do they have to throw in?

A team is given a throw in when the ball exits the pitch on the wings after touching a member of the opposing team last. The throw must be over the head, with two hands on the ball, and two feet touching the floor as the ball is released. A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in.

How do you throw a chest past in basketball?

hold the ball above your chest with both hands then pass

What happens when the soccer ball goes across the sideline?

The game continues with an throw in. If Team A touches the ball the last time bevor he goes out of the sideline Team B have the Throw in. The Player has to make the throw in with both Hands on the ball, he has to stand behind or on the lline and the ball has to lead from behint the head in front of him bevor the Player let the ball go out of his Hands.

What is a throw in soccer?

A team is awarded with a throw-in when an opposing player is the last one to touch the ball before it leaves the field of play. And that is a soccer throw. you have to practice doing it because there are some rules for it.