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do push ups and sit up everyday

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Q: What does your body mean if you have got thin arms skinny body and skinny legs but you cannot find how to change that and you want to be fit and muscular instead not slim and thin?
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Is the gladiator likely to be skinny or muscular?


Are people who are sick and malnourished is skinny or muscular?


Should you wear skinny jeans if you have muscular legs?


Is being curvy or skinny part of fitness or bodybuilding or is muscular the only shape for bodybuilding?

Muscular has always been the body shape in bodybuilding which has dated back years, curvy and skinny afraid not.

How does Nick Jonas stay so skinny and muscular?

he has to stay skinny, and eat healthy and work out, because of his diabetes, probably.

How do you become skinny overnight?

You cannot become skinny overnight.

Which is a better figure a 5'8 VERY skinny girl with no curves or a 5'6 muscular curvy girl?

Muscular curvy girl by far! That was a no brainer!

What does physical feacher mean?

It means the persons appearance, i.e. tall, muscular, skinny, etc.

Is Justin Bieber ripped?

Yes, Justin Bieber is muscular. He has more a dancer's build, which means he is skinny but muscular. Ergo, he has a very low body fat percentage.

How would a slim skinny body affect you when you get older in life compared to more healthy strong muscular harden physique would a skinny body for life weaken you for definitely?

Less muscle less strength more problems for a skinny person and for muscular person more muscles more strength lot of less problems healthy lifestyle perfect.

How do you use instead in a sentence?

I wanted blue skinny jeans but instead she bought pizza =|

What should I do because I am skinny from the waist up and my legs are not fat but very muscular so what do you do to get them skinny?

if i was a boy i should work out to get those legs skinny.If i was i girl i would just run about 30 or more min a day to get my legs skinny