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Q: What does you can't build a house for last years summer mean?
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How do you build a tree house on Free Realms?

no you cant you are stuck with it :(

Can you build a house on blue mud?

yes i cant see why not x

How do you build stairs on sims three?

well i think you cant because i have neverseen a two story house on the sims three so you cant build stairs

On Sims2 PC how when you build your own house buid 2 floors?

you cant

Can you build a house on sims 3 ds?

Honestly You Cant :(

How do you build a 5 story house on Sims 2 pets?

you cant the max is either 3 or 4... i forget

How do you get your Runescape construction level up?

if you are a member then build your house to get construction experience if you are f2p you cant train it up at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you go to the top of the build-a-bears light house?

you cant you can only go on the main floor and go in the water benaeth it

How do you avoid boredom in summer if you are 21 years old and your friends are busy?

Get more friends that is not busy! You cant get enough friends!

Where can you find summer jobs for 15 years old in Michigan?

inmichiganyou cant get a job at that agecause we live a in a sucky state

How do you plant a hostas in the summer?

You cant because they bloom in summer

How is geomerty used in the real world?

without geometry, we cant build a house in a right manner because, we need to now the angles and the right measurements....