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It means going into a mine and working out the 'shaft'. Usually done slowly at first, with increasing rapidity. Be gentle!

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Q: What does working the shaft mean?
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What are Symptoms of an input shaft leak?

If you mean dripping out of the of the tranny where the shaft slips in then the leaking is it

Where do you set the auxiliary shaft timing mark on a 1991 ford ranger 2.3?

auxillary shaft? do you mean crankshaft od cam shaft

What does institution mean on a job application?


What does institution mean on job application?


Should the short shaft turn on your 94 wrangler when in 2wd?

If you mean the front drive shaft, yes it should.

Why will a car not go if the clutch is working?

Maybe the gearbox is broken, or the final drive, or a half shaft?

What does shp mean for helicopters?

Shaft horse power

What is stronger solid shaft or hollow shaft?

Depends on what you mean by "better". For the same dimensions, a solid shaft will be a bit stronger, but also a lot heavier. If you were to make a hollow shaft of the same weight, but a bigger diameter, it'd be a lot stronger than the solid shaft.

What does it mean when you have a VTECH system malfunction?

this probably means you have a worn cam shaft or cam shaft or the arm that hits the cam shaft to open the valve is worn. this is internal on the engine.

What does 5.0 rifle on a callaway shaft mean?

It is a Rifle shaft or Rifle Project X, a very very popular shaft, 5.0 plays very close to regular flex.

What makes vertical pumps not working unless you rotate the shaft first?

Bad Motor Start Capacitor

What does a shaft flex of 4.26 inches mean?

It means the shaft is flexed 4.26 inches from its original created spot. A person who gets this kind of shaft is someone who has a flatter golf swing.