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Q: What does wfc mean in horse racing?
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What does dour mean in horse racing?

what does dour mean in horse racinhg

What does to be placed mean in horse racing?

The place spot in horse racing would be considered second place.

When is Flat horse racing?

Flat horse racing is when a horse is racing on a flat. a flat is a course without jumps. Flat horse racing is horse racing without jumps.

What does nap mean in horse racing?

you lose!

What does thouroughbred mean?

its a breed of horse, the most common racing horse actually.

What does B D mean in horse racing?

Brought down by another horse

Which sport do the first three place getters weigh in?

Horse racing

What does the GG mean in reference to Horse Racing?

A GG is just another word for horse.

What does post position mean in horse racing?

The stall in the starting gate from where the horse will start.

What Does BD Mean In Horse Racing?

Brought Down

What Does pulled up Mean In Horse Racing?

Means that the horse could not cope and went out of the race

In horse racing did 'stone ginger' mean a sure bet?

In horse racing 'Stone Ginger' means a sure bet or certainty. This is due to a racing stallion in New Zealand that won every race he entered.

Where does Ladbrokes Horse Racing operate?

Ladbrokes Horse Racing is a popular horse racing venue. Ladbrokes Horse Racing operates in the United States, in the wonderful city that goes by the name of Harrow.

Where can one watch free live horse racing online?

Someone wanting to watch horse racing live could use the website called Horse Racing UK which provides a free live service for horse racing. Alternatively, "Watch Horse Racing" also provides this service.

What sport is similar to Horse Racing?

Their is no other sport like Horse Racing. Dog racing, frog racing, baby crawl racing

Are there websites to get good horse racing tips?

Free horse racing tips There is a site with free horse racing selections but this is for New Zealand and Australian horse racing with the odd UK meeting thrown in. Do a google search "Melbourne Cup Method."

How do you play Arabian horse racing?

Arabian horse racing is played in much the same way as any other form of horse racing.

Are horse shoes used in horse racing?

Horse shoes are compulsory in horse racing. If a horse loses a shoe, it is pulled out of the race.

What is the most profitable horse racing system?

There are many profitable horse racing systems. The most profitable of these horse racing systems are the ones that are big.

What are other sports like horse racing?

In the UK there are not any sports I know of that are like Horse Racing. In the USA, harness racing is similar to Horse Racing, and the races are ran on sand tracks.

What does the purse mean in horse racing?

The "purse" refers to the prize money that is awarded.

What does show mean in horse racing?

either coming in 1st 2nd or 3rd

What does u r mean in horse racing?

UR means unseated rider in horse racing. Additional horse racing lingo includes AWT for all weather track; ART for artificial surface; Baby Race, which means a race for 2-year olds; and Back, which means to bet or make a wager.

Which sport is the oldest soccer or horse racing?

Horse racing has been around for centuries. Soccer or football is fairly recent.

What are the names of horse racing jumps?

The sport of horse racing over jumps is called steeplechasing, while racing with no jumps is called flat racing.