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When a club in the NFL makes a player's contract or the team's rights to a player available to other teams, each team must either file a claim to the player or waive the right to file a claim. All waivers are no recall and no withdrawal, which means once a waiver is made, it cannot be changed.

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Q: What does waived with no recall mean in relation to an NFL team?
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What is the difference between being waived and cut by a NFL team?

There is no difference."Waived" comes from the word "waivers" which is the procedure used when a team renounces all rights to a player and makes him/her available to play for any other team.

Who gets the waived player in the NFL?

when a player is waived there is a period about 24 to 48 where any team can claim him and pays the remainder of his contract. So to answer your question. Anyone except the team that waives him.

Can a second round NBA draft choice who is waived sign with another NBA team?

Yes, he can. Any player that is waived can sign with another team (unless certain time restrictions apply, in which the player may need to wait a month before signing with his former team).

Did Troy Aikman retire?

He was waived by the Cowboys and was unable to find another team that would sign him.

If the Pistons knew Elden Campbell would back on the team before he cleared waivers what stopped another team from claiming him?

Another team could have claimed him on waivers, but the Pistons knew that was extremely unlikely given his age, playing time, and salary. They were shocked when NJ claimed him after Utah waived him after the arroyo trade earlier in the year - they were expecting to get him back then. I'm still not sure why NJ claimed him - if it was to spite the pistons, they would not have waived him late in the year. The impression I get is that they claimed him partly to be mean, partly because they thought he might be a useful body to have around, and that they basically relented at the end and waived him at his request.

What is a free agent in football?

A free agent is someone who requested to be let go or who is waived by a team and does not currently have a job but is looking to be picked up by a team.

What is an injured reserve waiver in professional football?

'Waived injured' means the team is releasing the player but the player is injured. The team is responsible to pay the player until his injury has healed. This is usually done by reaching an agreement for a specific amount of money, called an injury settlement. Other teams are allowed to pick up players on the waived injured list but they are forewarned that the player is not in condition to play. Sometimes, if a player on the waived injured list is not selected by another team, the team will retain the player and place him on its injured reserve list.

Does a waived NFL player still get paid?

Yes, an NFL player who has been waived will still get paid. During the season, each team has 24 hours to file a claim for a player that another team has made available through the waiver system, or else waive their right to do so.

Do NFL teams sign players back if they waived them?

Yes, many players have been waived and then later re-signed by their teams. Sometimes a player will be waived for a particular reason unrelated to their prowess on the field, and then re-signed a day or so later. Team owners and personnel managers are tricky guys sometimes...

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What does it mean when a WNBA player is waived?

When a player is waived, it means that the player's team has given up their right to retain that player. Her team still has to pay her contract until another team either claims that contract (in which case the claiming team assumes the contract) or negotiates a new contract after the player has "cleared waivers" To clear waivers means that no other team has submitted a claim to that player's contract. Different professional sports leagues have different waiver rules.

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