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i don't know what does it mean

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You go against the rules

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Q: What does violation means on sports?
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What is first violation in netball?

If an umpire calls "first violation" it means there was more than one violation that a team made. If a player first contacts another player then bats the ball out, the first violation would be contact because that is the first rule that was broken.

What is the meaning of jeux de sports?

"Jeux de sports" is a French phrase which means literally "Sports Games". The "jeux" part of this means "games" and the word sports is exactly the same in French and in English.

What is quashing violation warrant?

It means that a court threw out the violation warrant as being invalid or against your rights. Many times, courts make a mistake by not processing paperwork fast enough and then realize all the requirements were met after issuing an arrest warrant. This means the judge would have to void the violation warrant.

Is skateboarding through a stop sign while on DUI probation counted as a violation of probation?

no , you're not driving , you're skateboarding. That shouldn't be a violation by all means

What is the meaning of the term violacion?

The term 'violacion' is from the Spanish language. When translated to English it means 'violation'. One might use the term when talking about a traffic violation.

What does violation mean in scientific terms?

In scientific terms, a violation refers to the breaking of a fundamental principle or law that is widely accepted within a specific field of study. Violations can arise when experimental results or theoretical predictions do not align with the established rules or theories, signaling a need for further investigation or refinement of existing models.

What are two reasons Americans are obsessed with sports?

1. Sports are exhilarating. 2. Sports are considered to be a means for recreation.

What does confidence mean in sports?

In sports, confidence means beleiving in yourself and being an optomist.

What is violation in basketball?

their is different types of violation one of them is foot violation that means that it has hit off a players foot and the opposite team gets side ball another one is backboard violation when it hits the side or back if the backboard and last back court violation it one you are one one side of the court and you go back onto the other side still with the ball.

What is polideportivo in spanish?

It means sports hall.

Which sports means empty hands?


What is fair in sports?

it means it is a friendly match