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Unfurled and rigged means that they have "rigged" the boat, meaning put the masts up, and set the boat up so it is reads to go, and unfurled meaning unrolling the sails.

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Q: What does unfurled and rigged mean?
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What does it mean to set the sails?

To have the sails unfurled and rigged ready for sailing

What does rigged mean?

rigged - if you have rigged up an object you have constructed it by using only materials that were avible at the time.

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To spread or open (something) out or become spread or opened out. * To release from a furled state.

Are the Swiss accounts of world leaders rigged to blow?

what does "rigged to blow" mean? It sounds like an old nautical term.

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furl means like Free . doing what you want . Example : Until the next Yuletide come when the sounds again could be unfurled . Clue : Unfurled mean to be released from a furled state . Hope this helps you . I'm really bad at explaining . :(

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if your using the term i am thinking of by the word rigged then i would say i rigged the ropes. Or if it was the other meaning you could say i was rigged with tiredness or something like that. hope this helps.

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