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It is for Ted Turner, former owner of the Braves.

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Q: What does turner mean in turner field?
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The Atlanta Braves play baseball in Field?

Turner Field is the Atlanta Braves' home field.

When was Turner Field created?

Turner Field was created in 1996.

Who owns Turner Field in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves own Turner Field.

What atlanta college plays football at turner field?

Turner field is a baseball stadium, not a football stadium. However, The NFL team the Atlanta Falcons shared Turner Field's predecessor, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, with the Atlanta Braves, who currently play at Turner Field,

What is the name of Atlante Brave field?

Turner Field

What is the address for Turner Field?

Turner Field's address:755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 30315.

How far is center field at turner field?

Center field at Turner Field, the former home of the Atlanta Braves, was approximately 401 feet from home plate.

The Antlanta Braves play baseball in what field?

Turner Field

What field do the Atlanta Braves play baseball on?

Turner Field

Which field did the Atlanta Braves play baseball in?

Turner Field

The Atlanta Braves played baseball in what field?

Turner Field.

Are coolers permitted at Turner Field?