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Q: What does three out of five 15-point games mean in volleyball?
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How many minutes is a high school volleyball game?

Volleyball games are not timed. They play best three out of five at the varsity level. The first team to twenty-five points. You must win by two points.

How many games make up a high school volleyball match?

In high school varsity volleyball games are played best 3 out of 5

How many games is played in varsity volleyball to win a match?

three must be won out of five for high school, but for Jr. high, you must win two out og three

What does domino mean in volleyball?

In the rotation of volleyball, domino five is when the setter is pushing up the middle.

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

What is a teams win lose record after 90 games if the ratio is 3 out of 5?

When you say three out of five I'm assuming you mean three wins out of five games. If that is the case, then 54 games out of 90 would have been won.

What are the five service in volleyball?

serve, pass, set, hit, block

What is the average career length for a pro volleyball player?

For 12th grade and under the game lasts how ever long it takes for one team to win best two out of three. To win this they have to get 25 points before the other team and have to win by at least two. In college volleyball and up it is the same except instead of two out of three it's three out of five.

How many super bowl games did Oakland win?

The Raiders have been to five total Superbowls. They won three of those five.

Who won the first five games in the Yankees vs red sox regular seasons series for 2008?

the Yankees went three for five in the first five regular season Yankees v red socks games of 2008.

Who did Boston beat in the first world series in1903?

Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

How many sets do they play in womens volleyball?

3 sets in a volley ball game but you need 25 points to win a set