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A Netball court is split into 3 parts, each one of these is called a third, the 3 thirds are the defending third, centre third and the shooting third.

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Q: What does third mean in netball?
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Which third of a netball third is the attacking third?

The attacking third of a netball game is the end that your team is shooting.

How many sections is netball court split up into?

The netball court is spilt up into 3rds. The centre third, the defensive third and the attacking third. Hope this helped :)

What is over third in netball?

a fourth

Where did netball begin?

center third

What is it called when a ball is thrown over a third in netball?

over a third

Where is the goal defence allowed in netball?

the centre third and shooting third

Where is the goal keeper allowed in netball?

in netball the goal keeper is only allowed in the third quad of the netball set-out. it belongs where the goal shooter is allowed to go.

What does local netball mean?

local netball is basiclly netball played in your local area.

How do you play as a team in netball?

in netball you play as a team by working together to get the ball down to your teams goal third.

What does gk mean in netball?

goal keeper A goal Keeper (GK) plays in the defencive third including the goal ring (semi circle)

Where can the goal keeper go in netball?

The goal keeper in netball may only goal in the goal circle for the opposite team and that goal third, They are not allowed to go into/past the centre third

Where can goal defence go in netball?

In the third GD starts in, the shooting circle in the third they started in, and the center third.

What are the measurements of each third of a netball court?


Is over a third in netball a free pass?


Where can GS go on the court on netball?

In the shooting third

What are the areas of a netball court?

there is the center third the goal thrid and the oppiste teams goal third

Where can the goal attackers go in netball?

they can go in the centre third, the goal third and the shooting circle

What does repossession in netball mean?

Is when

What does a backboard in netball mean?

There is no backboard in netball, however there is one in basketball

What is the name of the 2 end thirds in netball?

centre third

What does over a third means in netball?

Over a third is when the ball is thrown over a whole third without being touched by a player.

Can players in netball throw over a third?

No, a player can't throw across an entire third. They can only throw to the next third. :)

Where can GA go on the netball court?

GA can go in the attacking third, the centre third and their goal circle.

Meaning of ball touched in netball?

You may mean ball untouched. This means that the ball has been thrown over a third and has remained untouched by any players

What is the the meaning of the term overthird in netball?

Say the C has no where to pass to they then pass either in the attacking or defending third. u r not allowed to do dat in netball a C pass has to be taken in the main third when starting off fresh..