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command for left turn

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Q: What does the word haw mean in Iditarod?
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What are the commands for right and left turn in the Iditarod?

Gee and Haw.

What does the word Iditarod mean in Alaska?

The word Iditarod is an annual dog sled compatition (race).

What does the word Iditarod mean what language is it?

Iditarod comes. From the athabascan word haiditarod meaning "far distant place".

What is the command for turn left in the Iditarod?

Gee is the left turn command. and right turn is Haw.

What does the prefix post mean with a example?

your fat haw haw

What does gee and haw mean?

The word gee is the command for a right turn.The word haw is the command for a left turn.| || for more info go to: || |

What language is for the idiarod?

I think you mean Iditarod. Iditarod comes from the Athabascan language.

Haw do you spell this word?


What does the word Iditarod?

It can mean two things you take your pick. Iditarod1- Clear water Iditarod2- Distant place

What language is the word Iditarod in?


What language is the word iditarod?


What does the iditarod mean?

The dog sled race name, Iditarod, means '' clear water''