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This means; the amount of times the player has taken the court (played Netball) in an international match for their country.

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Q: What does the word caps mean in netball?
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How do you spell caps?

The word is spelled caps, just as you spelled it, if you mean hats. If you want the word for which "caps" is the abbreviation, it is capitals as in capital letters.

What does the word position mean in netball?

Where you are standing like what position are u

What is a cap in netball?

No there are no caps in netball although we do have visas. This is so if the ball hits our head, the cap won't damage or injure us.

What is the Spanish for Netball?

The Spanish word for Netball is Baloncesto.

What is the word 'netball' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Netball in Indonesian is just Netball. For foreign words like netball, Indonesians just use the same word.

What does local netball mean?

local netball is basiclly netball played in your local area.

What does it mean when a person writes the word hi in caps?

Caps in texting or chat means they are shouting. Or Desperately wanting to caught your attention...

Is the word netball a proper noun?

No, the noun netball is a common noun, a word for any netball or any netball game.A common noun becomes a proper noun when it is the name of a person, place, thing or a title. For example:Detroit Metro Netball ClubThe Florida Netball Classic tournamentUSA Netball Association

How do you spell netball in french?

Netball is not a word in french because it is not played in France. If someone were to refer to netball they would just call it "netball".

What does a backboard in netball mean?

There is no backboard in netball, however there is one in basketball

What does repossession in netball mean?

Is when

What does the brain teaser mean with a quotation mark then all in caps the word ALONG?

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What is a sport with a 7 letter word?


What is the word for netball in welsh?

Pel Rhwyd

What does outside mean in netball?

outside in netball occurs when a player crosses over the side lines or goal lines of the netball court..

Why does your Microsoft Word document continously type in CAPS?

Caps lock is on? =]

What does playing the ball mean in netball?

Bouncing the netball off the ground into your hands for your own possession.

What do vixen mean?

An Melbourne Netball Team

What is initial caps?

Initial Caps are when you capitalize the first letter of each word.

What is the meaning of the word infringement in the term of Netball?


What 7 letter word can you make with allbnte?


What is the abbreviation for the word capital?


What is all caps in Microsoft Word?

It is having all letters in capitals. THIS IS ALL CAPS.

What does 'fudge caps' mean?

Fudge caps mean you are eating chocolate that is high in sugar. A high sugary snack.

In netball what does cpm mean?

Critical path method