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The word twin stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. That is why the logo of the Twins is the T over the C.

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Q: What does the word Twin mean in Minnesota Twins?
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Do the word twin and twins mean the same thing?

yes and no depend how you ask or say twins

What is the Algonquin word for twin?

The Algonquin word for a twin is nijotenj; one of twins is pejik nijotenj; they are twins is nijotenjiwak; twins is nijotenjak.

What is the word for twin in Japanese?

what is the Japanese word for twins

What is the German word for twin?

"The twins" = Die Zwillige"

Is twins a word with long vowel sounds?

No. The I is short in twin and twins. The long I is seen in the word twine.

Minnesota Twins logo?

a baseball with the word minnesota and the word twins. you know, its not that hard to find this information if you just search the internet. Did you not know there was a twins website? Some people's children...

How do you say twin in Portuguese?

The word for "twins" in portuguese is "gêmeas"

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What is the Scottish Gaelic word for twins?

The word twin in scottish gaelic is> Leth-Aon The word for twins is càraid in Scottish Gaelic.

Is twin a proper noun?

No, the word 'twin' is a common noun, a word for any twin of anything.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:The Olsen Twins, Ashley and Mary Kate, American actors and fashion entrepreneursMinneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota), The Twin CitiesTwin Falls, IdahoTwin Lakes Lodge, Hurley, NY"Twin Dragons", 1992 Jackie Chan movie

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The Sanskrit word for twin is yama (akin to gemellus in Latin). When referring to a pair of twins you should say yamau (nominative, dual). Yama is also the name of the king/god of the dead because he was born a twin.

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