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it is the free throw line extended.

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Q: What does the wing do in basketball?
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Where is the wing on basketball court?

Its at the wing on the basketball court bird.

How do you play wing in basketball?

the wing player drive the ball in or passes it to the center 2 make a goal

Names of different position on basketball?

post wing guard

What does LeBron James play in basketball?

point-guard or wing/guard

What is a backcourt wingman in basketball?

It is a guard that plays at the wing. Can be a small forward aswell.

Wing and their position on the basketball court?

the big circle that covers the free throw line

What role can you play in basketball?

you can be defence, forward, offence, and i think wing is only in hockey

What player position is w in basketball?

There is no position with w, but w could mean wing which is a guard

What is the 'WING' on a basketball court?

The side of the court that is shaped like an arc, and right inside the three-point line.

Is the sailboat word 'wing-to-wing' or 'wing-on-wing'?

wing and wing

What are various positions on a basketball team?

Typically in younger kids games the positions are Point Guard, Wing, Wing, Post, Post. But with NBA and leagues like that, they are, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Power Forward, Small Forward, and Center

What is a sg in basketball?

Well, a sg is short for Shooting Guard. He is the guy who is on the wing beside the point guard, and shoots often, (hence Shooting Guard)

How do you make moves work in basketball?

The only way to make moves work is practice them and not wing it like people do because it will end up bad .

When do you form a wing in rugby?

You dont form a wing. The wing (wing three quarter) is a positiion

What is a wing in basketball?

The right and left sides of the 3pt line or inside the 3pt line. It's not the painted area and it's not the corner and it's not the middle or top of the key

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