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It means you are the 2nd Best Fighter in The Division

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Q: What does the ufc intrim ufc championship mean?
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What does text UFC mean?

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Has Keith jardine bien a UFC champion?

No, Keith Jardine has never won a UFC championship.

What dose UFC stand for?

ulutmit fighting championship

How do you unify the ultimate fighting championship and pride championships and what does it mean?

The UFC bought Pride a few years ago, and they had the Pride champions fight the UFC champions to unify the belts, i.e. the winner of these fights would be the new UFC champion

What is the bloodiest sport?

ufc ultimate fighting championship

Are there any UFC games out for ps2?

Yes UFC: Sudden Impact & Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown

Were is brock lesner now?

in ufc ultimate fighting championship

Who is now the first champion of UFC?

Royce Gracie Became The First UFC Champion after He Wone The Ultimate Fighting Championship that is now known as UFC 1

What is the official resale marketplace for UFC tickets?

The official resale marketplace for UFC is Ticketmaster. Here unwanted UFC tickets can be sold using a secure platform. UFC refers to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

What is brook lesner doing now?

He is with the UFC (ultimate fighting championship).

How much will Jon Jones get paid for winning the UFC championship?

One mullion

How many title belts has Andrei Arlovski won?

Andre Arlovski is a mixed martial artist born in Bobruisk in what is now Belarus. He has held the UFC Heavyweight Championship title once and held and defended a UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship title once for a total of two UFC title belts.