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It means its a glove for left handed throwers. You put it on your right hand

Source: Nike store, Coaches

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Q: What does the term full right mean in terms of a baseball glove?
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What is a reg hockey goalie catch glove?

It means that the glove is for the left hand of the goalie. Since most goalies have their catch glove on their left hand, it is considered "regular." If the goalie uses their right hand for their catch glove, it is considered "full right."

What is a full right goalie stick?

A goalie which holds his blocker and hockey stick on the left side and his glove (trapper) on the right side is known as a Full Right goalie. The stick that the goalies hold in the left hand is a full right goalie stick.

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Full Bleed - This is the term used when a card has no border. The image on the card goes up to the edge of the cardboard. See Related Links below for a Glossary Of Baseball Card Terms.

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What year was the Wilson model 569 baseball glove made?

Baseball gloves can be dated by the style of the web. Styles may have been continued to be made into different eras but, in general the web can be dated to that era. We style include: full webs, tunnel loop, H-Web, and weaved. I'm not familiar with this Wilson Model, and would have to see it to help. If the Glove has a player endorsement it could aid in the dating of the glove. If the glove you have is a split finger glove (no lacing between the fingers) chances are it is a glove made before the 1950's. There are split finger gloves that were made into the 50's but are few. See Related Links below for a guide for Dating Gloves.

Is a runner out if the fielder has the ball and his other hand in his glove when he tags the runner?

So long as the fielder has full possession of the ball the runner is considered out whether the ball is in the glove, in the bare hand, or in the glove covered with the bare hand.

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What is the value of a 1920 baseball glove?

In general a non player endorsed baseball glove from this era could sell from $75.- $200. in excellent -near/mint condition. Glove style, model, make, and type such as crescent padding, full webs, 1 inch webs, tunnel loop web, Baseman's mitts, for example, will be a factor on value. Player endorsed gloves could sell from the $150. and up, and into the thousands for players like Ruth, and Johnson. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped Manufacturer label on back, printing on glove worn out, and the person who owned the glove, name on it. All or any flaws could bring the price down significantly. See Related Link for baseball glove dating guides, Grading, and prices for vintage gloves from the 1920 era,

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For goaltenders, there is no left-hand or right-hand. They are called full right and regular. Regular catches with the left hand and full right goalies catch with the right hand.

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