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Q: What does the term deep mean in football?
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What does the term MIKE mean in defensive football position?

Middle Linebacker

What does mov mean in football statistics?

MoV is not specifically a football term and actually has more relevance to gambling. It means Margin of Victory.

What is another term for deep fascia?

Another term for deep fascia is Fascicle.

What does the term flash point mean in relation to deep frying mediums?

the oil in the deepfryer is about to ignite or explode

What does it mean to croon a dong?

The term 'croon a dong' simply means for one to hum a deep loud sound. The term dong is a Vietnamese word for describing a deep sound. The word croon means to hum loudly.

What does the term ear holing mean in football?

A helmet lead hit to the side of an opponents helmet (their earhole).

How is football different from soccer?

In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

What does DC mean in coin rating?

DC stands for Deep Cameo, which is a term to describe the quality of proof coins.

What does 'real' mean in the football team name 'real Madrid'?

"Real" in the club's name is the Spanish term for "royal"

What is football rules?

how many yards deep does a punter have to be

How do you spell baseball hat in french?

It's "le football", though if you mean soccer and not American football, then you can alternatively use the colloquial term "le foot".

What does tier mean in football?

in football the term tier means a layer of defense on the field for example the first tier would be the defensive linemen then safety and crackback and so on and so on.