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when the ball either keeps slipping from the goalie or when a player is dribbling the ball down-field and it keeps slipping from the players feet

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Q: What does the term butter mean in reference to a soccer player?
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I think you mean guns and butter. Look that up instead. "Butter" when used in reference to firearms usually refers to a type of grease used with cast lead bullets or with black powder revolvers, sometimes called bore butter or bullet butter.

What does it mean when you dream about bing a soccer player?

You are one of the 25% of soccer player in the world! I guess it helped

Who is fattest player in soccer history?

I think you mean "Who is the heaviest player in soccer history". Sorry, just fat is offensive to other people. The heaviest player to play soccer was Aaron Sandilands- 124kg.

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It is a sexual reference. It means to pull the penis out of the vagina during intercourse and ejaculate onto the outside.

What does the number 12 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

a midfielder

In soccer what does it mean when you trip or hold another player?


Where can you sing up to be a soccer player?

-do you mean sign up?

What do they mean when they say a soccer player is running empty?

He is tired

How much should a soccer player weigh?

I'd say almost any weight as long as it is toned i mean muscular there will never be a chubby soccer player.

Does yellow shoes mean a soccer player is good?

cleats dont mean anything

What does it mean to loan a soccer player to another team?

you let another soccer team use one of your players

What are capps in soccer?

Capps in soccer mean each time a player plays for say the country it is called a capp.

What classes must you Excel in in order to be a soccer player?

To be a soccer player you don't have to excel in any classes unless you are trying to get a soccer scholarship to a university or college which would mean you have to earn a good grade average.

What does a green card mean in soccer?

Green card in soccer means that when a player respects the referees' decision and be a sportsmanship person

What is a soccer player called in English?

Your question is in English lol do you mean in England? If so the answer is a Football Player

What does og mean in soccer?

In soccer it means own goal. That is when a player from say England nets the ball into his own net by mistake.

What does the number 10 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

The number 10 is worn by the striker and usually the best player.

What does bala in afrikaans mean in English?

Balls - usually as a reference to testicles but could refer to soccer balls, rugby balls etc.

Who is the best player on Brazil soccer?

Obviously Pele, I mean what do they teach you at school!

What is vocation mean?

vocation means an certain occupation,or proffesion,business,class, for example would you be a race car driver or a soccer player when you grow up if you choose soccer player that is your vocation.

What does it mean when a soccer player wears a hat?

The only football/soccer player who will wear a hat is the goalkeeper. This is because the sun is in their eyes. No other player on the pitch would wear a hat as they wouldn't be able to head the ball properly.

What does it mean to tackle in soccer?

To get the ball off the other teams player with your own feet

What does pass mean in soccer?

Pass is the intentional transfer of the ball from one player to another.

What does options mean in soccer?

Which player can one pass to or taking a shot or passing it away.

What is mvp mean in soccer?

"Most Valuable Player" is an American term, used in the MLS.