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refferee putting a puck between two players

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Q: What does the term bully mean in hockey?
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Where does the term 'bully' in the game of field hockey originate from?

hes beating his oppenent buy alot

When is a bully used in the game of field hockey?

A bully is used in the game of hockey for tackles

What does the phrase Bully for you mean?

Good for you. It is a stupid slang term. And Scott M...Bully for you retard!! :)

In field hockey what does a bully mean?

A bully occurs in field hockey when two players become tied up, and one cannot gain possession of the ball. After the referee calls for a bully to be performed, the two players stand facing each other, with the heads of their sticks placed on the ground. The ref then blows the whistle, and the players clap their sticks together once, and attempt to gainpossession of the ball. *A bully occurs most often in the sport of indoor field hockey.

Which sport used to feature a bully?

Field Hockey

What is the start of play called in play ice hockey?

Do you "bully off" in ice hockey?

In which game bully is used?

field hockey

What is bully in hockey?

a bully in hockey is sum1 hoo piks fites n doesnt like sum1 n if i were u dont mess with those bullysplz trust me lol

What does the term bully pulpit mean?

The phrase "bully pulpit" means that you have a position you can use to promote an agenda. President Theodore Roosevelt coined the term. In his day, the term bully meant "superb" or "wonderful." It has no relation to the word "bully" as used today, though some people think it means to have a position that enables you to "hit others over the head" with your message. Another term that survives from Roosevelt's era that uses the other meanings for the word bully is "bully for you," and that is just another way of saying, "Good for you."

What is the kick off in hockey called?

It is called a bully of.

What does the name kaiden mean?

The Kaiden i new was a bully and was always naughty and at the high school he is at he made the people who was doing a hockey lesson do lines.

When did they remove the bully from the start of a field hockey match?


What changes have been made to hockey?

Just one of the changes in hockey is that we now start with a push back and not a bully-off !

What is the term for hitting a field hockey stick three times against another stick and competing for the ball?

The action is called a bully. In modern field hockey, the sticks are only tapped (not hit!) once together, before the ball is in play.

What was the Bully Pulpit Theory?

The term "bully pulpit" had nothing to do with bullying as we know the term. Back when Theodore Roosevelt was president, the term bully meant "wonderful," and Roosevelt was saying that the post of president was an "ideal" position to use for promoting an agenda. A related phrase from that era which survives to this day is "bully for you." That actually means "good for you."

What is a bully in hockey?

A bully in ice hockey is someone who fights a lot and takes a lot of crosschecking or roughing penalties. A bully was how a game of hockey was started until it was changed to a centre pass. In the modern game of hockey, a bully is played on a number of occassions after a stoppage of play when a penalty has not been called (except for during a PC; in this instance, the PC is redone), due to misconduct, an injured player or dissent. They often result in hacking or obstruction penalties themselves. * A Bully: Two players stand facing each other with their sticks on the ground, the ball between them. At the umpire's signal, the sticks are raised, the flat sides are tapped once, and then either player can attempt to play the ball by passing it to a team member or dribbling it themselves.

What does it mean to clear the puck mean?

It is a term used in playing Hockey. It means to get the puck away from your zone and away from your net.

What does jagoo mean?

Mean Bully!

What does dumb dumb mean?

A stupid guy that is getting bad grades. It is a derogatory term used to bully other people.

Why do people say taking candy away from a baby is easy?

It's a bully's term, or a term describing a bully: a baby can't fight back.

Why does WikiAnswers bully you?

No all the people on WIkianswers bully you, only the mean people on Wikianswers bully you. People like the supervisors on bully you.

Is Hockey Player an adjective?

in the term hockey player hockey is an adjective and player is the noun. Hockey is describing what type of player.

Icing in french hockey term?

The term "icing" in hockey is "dégagement refusé" in French.

What does cyber bully mean?

A cyber bully is someone who is mean and a bully - but not face to face, but through email, text messages, chat room posts and things like that.

Is everybody a bully?

every body is a bully once and a while but some people are so mean they make you a bully

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