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A Dodge ramm Click on the 'Tar Heels Mascot' link below to read the history of the mascot and see a picture.

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Q: What does the tar heels mascot look like?
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What does North Carolina college basketball mascot look like?

if you mean the tar heels mascot then its a live ram called rameses

What is the mascot of the University of Richmond?

Rameses which is a Ram, but we are called the Tarheels

What is north carolinas mascot?

a fatty named raleigh...(: its a ram, nicknamed Tar Heels

What is the Tar heel state?

Assuming you meant the Tar heel state, it would be North Carolina. It's inhabitants are known as Tar heels and the University of North Carolina named its mascot the Tar heels.North Carolina

What animal is a tarheel?

Tar Heel is a nickname of North Carolina and its inhabitants. As to an animal, have you used the correct spelling?

What is University of North Carolina's sports team name?

The University of North Carolina are the Tar Heels. The mascot is a Dorset Ram.

When was The Marching Tar Heels created?

The Marching Tar Heels was created in 1903.

Why are you called Tarheels?

The story I've always heard was that a general was observing a battle between North Carolina and British forces during the Revolutionary War and was impressed with the militia's reluctance to retreat. He reportedly declared "Those boys fight like they got tar on them thar heels!' and the rest is history...

When did Operation Tar Heels happen?

Operation Tar Heels happened on 2005-05-05.

When was North Carolina Tar Heels football created?

North Carolina Tar Heels football was created in 1888.

What is the name of the UNC tar heels ram mascot?

His name is Ramses, pronounced RAM-SEES, only a true tar heel fan will know. His name comes from back in the early 1920s and 30s. Go Heels! The correct spelling is Rameses. Read the history at:

How did the unc tar heels get their name?

they make a lot of tar in that area