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Q: What does the symbol on the OCallaghan Mills GAA sign mean?
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What does thumbs up mean in sign language?

In American Sign Language, the sign for "thumbs up" is done by extending your thumb upward while curling your other fingers into a fist. It is a universal gesture indicating approval or agreement.

What does the fire safety symbol that has a exclamation point mean?

The exclamation mark on any sign is an alarm or warning. With a fire symbol, the sign is warning of combustibles nearby.

What does the Islam sign mean?

If you mean by sign the main characteristic of Islam, then it is monotheism: to worship Allah (God in English) with no partner, no associate, no son, and np companion. If you mean by sign the symbol of Islam, then it is no symbol for Islam.

What does wrench symbol mean on a Honda?

Maintenance due, take it to your mechanic.

Does the nazi symbol mean peace?

It was used prior to Hitler's rule as a good luck sign. The name of the sign is 'Swastika'.

What is Naruto Uzumaki astrological sign?

If ypu mean Zodiac symbol then he's a Libra.

What does this mean in math like 2 of them like an equal sign?

~ this is the symbol im talking about>

What does the symbol that looks like an equal sign with a triangle on top of it mean?

It means "defined as."

What is the meaning of Hindi word 'nishani'?

sign or symbol sign or symbol

What is the symbol for a a square root sign?

The symbol for a a square root sign is: √

What does a red octagon around the HHPS symbol mean?

The red octagon around the HHPS symbol means its "Dangerous" also its a Danger sign

Does a crescent moon with three stars mean anything bad or is it a sign of good?

Well... it depends on how you see it because the symbol is a witches symbol.