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Q: What does the ss stand for in Major League Baseball?
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Who has the most errors in Major League Baseball history?

Bill Dahlen (975 errorsat SS)

What does minor league baseball SS stand for?

In terms of how a professional, minor league baseball franchise is designated, "SS" stands for "Short Season". This is due to the abbreviated season these type of minor league teams take part in. When referring to position abbreviations in baseball, "SS" means Short Stop. The defensive position on the field between second and third base

What position does ss stand for in baseball?


What does SS stand for in baseball stats?

Shortstop, a position on the infield.

Boston Red Sox-ss What is the ss stand for?

SS stands for Shortstop, one of the eight defensive positions (less the pitcher) on a baseball team.

What does SS stand for in SS Titanic?

steam ship

What does the SS stand for in Impala SS?


What does the SS in SS Wairarapa stand for?

In the case of ships SS stands for steamship.

Who had the most hits during the 2006 Major League Baseball season?

#51 Ichiro Suzuki, RF for the Seattle Mariners had the most hits this season with 224, followed by #10 Michael Young SS for the Texas Rangers with 217 hits.

What does SS stand for on a Chevy?

Super Sport (SS)

What does the SS stand for in SS Peter and Paul?

lightning bolt

What does ss stand for in ss leader?

Schutzstaffel (Protection Unit)

Pool ss brush what does ss stand for?

Stainless steel

What does ss stand for in a ships name?

The ss stands for steamship.

What does ss stand for in phenobarbital gr. ss?

gr = Grain ss = 1/2

What does SS stand for in marine terms?

SS stands for scout sniper

What did the SS stand for in World War 2?

SS means SchutzStaffel

What does we'd stand for?


What does the letters ss stand for on a Chevy Chevelle?

SS stands for super sport

What does SS in SS guards stand for?


In a ships name what does ss usns and HMS stand for?

This is what those terms stand for. SS stands for Steam Ship. USS stand for United State Ship. And HMS stands for His or Her Majesty's Ship.

Who was the nazi ss major who cake up with the term the final solution?

Adolf Eichman, Nazi SS Major

What does SS stand for on the SS Great Britain?

The SS stands for: Steam Ship

What does ss stand for in football?


Which major league shortstop has the most career hits?

Derek Jeter currently leads all SS in career hits. He has 2,691 hits as of August 19, 2009.