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there is no red flag in soccer!

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Q: What does the red flag mean in soccer?
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What is the referees flag color in soccer?

red or yellow

What does Red Flag mean?

what does red flag means on wet ground

What does the phrase orange flag or red flag mean?

Depending on the sport red flag could mean stop in NASCAR. Other than that i don't recall orange flag or red flag existing.

The red flag in football mean?

Challenge Flag

What does the red mean on the jamaican flag?

LOL, The Jamaican flag doesn't have the color of red on the flag It has black,green and gold.However, the rastafarians have red in their flag.

How many red stripes are on the flag and what do they mean?

It would depend on which flag you mean

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There is no red on the Irish flag. The Irish flag is green, white and orange.

What does the red mean on the flag mean?

the red on the flag represents just a color of the glowing night in the sun set

What does red flag mean on sent email?

A red flag may mean that it failed to send or that it was marked as spam.

What does red mean on the US flag?

red is for the bloodshed

What does a red flag usually mean?

It means the thing the flag is on is a novelty or is new. 'The Red Flag' is the symbol of Communism.

What does red mean on the France flag?


Which county has a flag with 3 horizontal stripes red white and red?

Do you mean red white and green? If so it's the Spanish flag, but a red white and red flag is the Austria flag.

What does a blue and white Code Flag A mean?


What are the flag post rules for soccer?

what are Flag post Rules of SOccer

What does the red strip mean on the California state flag mean?

The red stripe was added to the bottom of California's flag to prevent it from looking like a white flag of truce.

What does the red on the American flag mean?


What does red mean on the California flag?


What does red mean on the American Flag?


What does the red on China's flag mean?


What does the red on the Libya flag mean?


What does the red on the Australian flag mean?

The red on the Australian flag means the sun on the neverending British Empire.

What does the symbol on the Japanese flag mean?

The red circle on the Japan flag represents the rising red sun

What does the color red mean on the flag?

It depends on the flag. Many flags have red on them, but they can have different archetypal meanings.

What does a red flag mean?

It means; hazardous or dangerous. Ex: they gave the red flag for the horrid weather.