What does the order mean in NBA draft?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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It means who gets to pick from 1st all the way to 30th. There are two rounds that have 30 picks all from different teams. Teams can trade to take other teams picks during and before the draft. Teams can also trade their players that they drafted for other picks, other players who already got drafted and veterans. How teams get their pick number is how well they do after the season is over. 16 teams make the playoffs. They range from 8 seeds to 1 seeds. 8 seeds pick before the 7,6,5,4,3,2, and 1 seeds. The remaining 14 teams that didn't make the playoffs enter a draft lottery. The draft lottery is like the Eenie Meenie Minee Mo way of who gets the picks ranging from 14 to 1. It's a complete mystery. The team that has the worst record and is projected to receive the number 1 pick in the draft, most likely DOES NOT receive the 1st pick in the draft. It's usually the 2nd or 3rd projected pick that actually receives the 1st. It's pretty simple. Oh, 1 more thing. It doesn't matter what seed you are in the playoffs if you win the NBA title. If your an 8 seed and win the championship, you get the 30th pick automatically.

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Q: What does the order mean in NBA draft?
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Your weirdness

When was NBA Draft Lottery created?

NBA Draft Lottery was created in 1985.

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It means that a team acquired a draft pick from Philadelphia, most likely through a trade.

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They got 2 in the 2011 NBA Draft.

When was the 2013 NBA Draft?

The 2013 NBA Draft was held on Thursday, June 27th.

Do NBA players have to graduate high school?

Yes. In order to be eligible for the NBA draft you must complete one year at a University or College.

What is NBA draft?

a mock draft is an attempt by the author(s) to forecast which players the teams of a given league (the nba in this case) will draft

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The NBA 2013 Mock Draft takes place throughout the course of the NBA season. It is not a real draft but rather consists of a compilation of college players listed as to where sports analysts predict which NBA team will recruit when the official NBA Draft is held.

How do you enter your named in a NBA draft?

You answer by emailing the NBA.

Who announces the NBA draft picks?

The commissioner of NBA, which is currently David Stern, announces draft picks.