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The numbers on cricket shirts refers to player numbers. This is similar to the jersey numbers assigned to the tee shirts of football players. It is used to identify the player who is wearing the tee shirt.

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Q: What does the numbers on cricket shirts mean?
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What do the numbers on the referee's shirts mean?

number of games

Where can cricket shirts be purchased?

Cricket shirts can be purchased from official club websites. For example, England branded cricket shirts can be bought from the England Cricket Club Website. Cricket shirts can also be bought from sports shops such as Sports Direct, and can be ordered from online stores like Slazenger and Amazon.

What do the numbers on the front of the English Shirts in Twenty20 cricket signify?

If its 300, then he is the 300th Player to play for England.... And so on

What are the numbers on cricket shirts?

The numbers on the England Cricket shirts below the 3 lions relate to their cap number, These differ depending on if its Test Matches or ODI matches Andrew Struass is 624 for Test Matches and 180 for ODI and 9 for T20,321,BP.html

What are the numbers on the shirts of cricketers mean?

It is belongs to the player. It is about his rank.

What is the present Pakistan cricket team?

The present Pakistan cricket team is nicknamed Green Shirts and is ranked four.

What are the numbers on the English test cricket jerseys for?

These numbers; found on the cap, shirts and jumpers of the players, shows how many players have played for England including himself, when they make their debut. For example, if Ian Bell had number 600 (if he does, it was a good guess), then it would mean he was the 600th different player to play for England.

Why do NBA refs have numbers on shirts?

The NBA refs do have numbers on the shirts for identification purposes so that all the calls that they make can be documented.

What is the nickname of the Pakistan Cricket team?

PCB PCB is tha nick name of Pakistan cricket team and Also Green Shirts.

What does vampire on west indies cricket team shirts stand for?

Vampire is a brand which is made by the sports company cricket company BAS.

Edward Cullen's number on baseball shirt?

they do not have numbers on their shirts.

What are the jersey numbers of Australia cricket players?


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