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Q: What does the number mean on the back of a Bauer hocky skate?
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If I uninstalled true skate can I get it back free?

No. If you uninstall your true skate, then you cannot get it back for free.

What are some 16 digit number codes in-front or back of guest pass or game card?

man you are a cheep skate you know that

What do you do if you skate the opposite way you pop?

you have to try to jump of the skate board or if your falling off fall on your back side

Why is it easier to skate on ice than it is to walk on ice?

That'd only be true if you know how to skate. But if you know how to skate, a skate will only slide forward or back, while a shoe is free to slide in all directions.

What are fishes defenses?

the skate's defense is the thorns on its back (throns are located on its back and tail)

Speed skate hing on back or front?

i really dont know but i think the back

What is the RBO of a figure skate?

The right back outside edge

When did skate bording become a sport?

back in the 1960's

What are fish skates' defenses?

the skate's defense is the thorns on its back (throns are located on its back and tail)

What year was the Eddie Bauer retail chain founded?

Eddie Bauer retail stores have greatly expanded from it's start to today's day and age. Back in 1920, Eddie Bauer's Sports Shop was first opened to the public.

Can you get a car in Skate 3?

no but you can ride on the back of one by pressing RB whine near the back of the car

Is Jill Bauer of QVC back on?

I have been wondering the same thing. I did hear her say a while back that her family was going to visit her parents this summer...maybe she took a two week vacation and will be back this week.