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Q: What does the lion's head on the team GB logo mean?
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What logo is a black footprint?

One logo that has a black footprint is the British Columbia Lions. The British Columbia Lions is at professional football team in Canada.

What sports team uses a lion as its logo?

The Detroit Lions of the NFL.

What rugby team has lions facing each logo?

Rugby Union

What does the logo on some sports team that looks like an H mean on their jerseys?


Are the Detroit Lions a good team in Florida?

The hell do you mean in Florida....? They are in Michigan.....

Lions or jaguars which team is worse?

lions for shure

What does P on wiz khalifa mean?

It's the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team's logo.

What football team are known as the lions?

Detroit. The Detroit Lions football team.

Who is the coach of BC Football?

The BC Lions are a Canadian Football team based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their current head coach is Mike Benevides, formerly the Lions' defensive coordinator.

What does the Denver Broncos logo mean?

It personifies the strength and speed of a racing bronco, and by extension the team.

When was Highveld Lions cricket team created?

Highveld Lions cricket team was created in 2003.

Who is the older NFL team Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions?

The Lions