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== == Ice is frozen water, so the ice would weigh the same as the water that was applied to the surface during the " flooding process ". Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One thousand gallons of water would weigh about 8,000 pounds.

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Q: What does the ice on a hockey rink weigh?
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Is it an ice rink or an ice field in ice hockey?

Ice rink.

What rink do they play ice hockey in Denmark?

A hockey rink.

How is ice hockey done?

in an ice hockey rink

Where can you play ice hockey?

you can play ice hocky on an ice rink or at a rink place.

Where do they play ice hockey?

people play ice hockey in an ice rink.

How long is an ice hockey rink?

An NHL hockey rink is 200 ft long. An international hockey rink is 61 m long.

Where do the players play hockey?

Ice hockey is played on an ice rink.

Where do you practice ice-hockey?

An Ice Rink

What is the surface area of a hockey rink?

The surface area of a hockey rink is ice. Water that is frozen.

Where do you play hockey?

on an ice rink

What was the name of the first artificial ice rink in ice hockey?

Victoria skating rink, Montreal

What is an ice rink?

An ice rink is a surface of artificially created ice for skating, playing hockey, curling, etc.

Hockey is usually played in an?

An Ice Rink .

What game did the ice rink come from?


Do people get sick from hockey rink ice?

Hockey rink ice has to be kept cold so if you stay around the ice for a long time without the proper clothing you may get sick.

What season do you play ice hockey in?

any if you have an indoor ice rink

Where do hockey players play?

In an ice hockey rink.

What is the field called for a hockey game?

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

How thick is the ice of a rink?

The ice on a hockey rink is approximately 3/4" thick. The thicker it is, the slower is is to skate, and that is not good.

What is the name for arenas for ice hockey players?


What place do you play ice hockey in?

in an indoor rink (arena) or outdoor rink

How do they paint the lines on the ice of a hockey rink?

Painted on the floor and the ice is put on after.

How do you play ice hockey in club penguin?

Get an ice hockey stick then use it then go to the ice rink and walk over the puck and it hits it

How many tons of ice to fill a hockey rink?


How many tons of ice does it take for an hockey rink?

19000 :)