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"Stick side" is relative to the goalie. If a shot misses the net to the side of the goal that the goalie holds his stick, it is wide stick side. "Just wide" means missing by a small amount.

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Q: What does the hockey term just wide stick side mean?
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What side is the wrong side of the stick in hockey?

the chubby one

Can players hit the ball the with rounded part of the hockey stick?

No, you can only use the flat side of the stick. You can never use the round side.

In a game of hockey what part of the stick do you use?

You use the flat side of the stick. In a game, if you use the curved side a foul will be awarded against you.

How do you measure your field hockey stick?

you measure a field hockey stick by putting it next to your side and seeing if it is the height from your feet to your hip

What is a forehand in field hockey?

Using the stick in the usual manner, with the stick and ball on the right hand side of the body.

Does Sidney Crosby do other stuff besides play hockey?

Yes hes human. Just because hes famous for playing hockey does not mean he doesn't have a life out side of hockey.

What side of the hockey stick do you stop the ball with?

The side which is the left of the stick when the hook is facing away from the body. For almost all sticks, this will be the flat (or flatter) side - there is normally a noticeable difference.

What side of the stick is used in field hockey?

the flat side. using the rounded side will be seen as an offence and the other team will get the free hit

What is the posistion a wingman in ice hockey?

A wingman in hockey is a nickname for a Winger. A Winger is an ice hockey forward. Their role is to stick to the boards and help with offensive rushes, and scoring. Wingers can be either "Left" or "Right" and as implied, stick to whichever side they are assigned to. Wingers also fight for the puck first when it is pushed against the side boards.

What is a full right goalie stick?

A goalie which holds his blocker and hockey stick on the left side and his glove (trapper) on the right side is known as a Full Right goalie. The stick that the goalies hold in the left hand is a full right goalie stick.

What are the rules in field hockey?

the ball can't hit your foot, you can't dangerously raise the ball, there is no such thing as off side, you can't hit another players stick with your stick. these are just some basic rules but of course there are more that I just can't think of right now.

What sport is mostly played by women and you can only use one side of the stick?

It's field hockey

How do you do a flick pass in field hockey?

In field hockey it is mostly to do with the area of the ball you position your stick on and the flicking of the wrist. To practice try and stand side on to the ball with your hands three quarters down the stick and just use your wrists to flick the ball off the ground. Try and use the bottom of the ball as this will gain the most height. It takes a while to get it.

How do you stick handle in floor hockey?

The same way people do when they are playing ice hockey be use a ball not a puck the puck will flip on its side and makes it very hard to handle.

Which side of a stick should you not use during a game of hockey?

The rounded side. If it has 2 flat sides you can use both sides. *When holding the stick with the hook facing away from the body, the side on the left (the "flat" side) is the playing surface. The side on the right is the back of the stick and cannot be used to play the ball at any time. This holds even if the stick is flat. However the edges can be used to a certain extent.

What are the names of the parts of a field hockey stick?

The stick consists of two main parts, the HEAD and the HANDLE. The handle is the longer part of the stick, where you hold the stick on the GRIP. The head is the hook-shaped part at the bottom, and is used to hit and flick the ball. The BACK of the stick is the rounded side, and the FRONT of the stick is the flatter side. The EDGES are the rounded edges between these sides.

How do you stick a laptop sticker?

Just "Stick" it on the back of your laptop or on to the side of your desktop

What 3 rules which apply to the stick in field hockey?

you must hit the the ball with the flat side of the stick. you must keep the bottom of the stick below knee level when tackling you have to hit the ball and not the opponents stick

What happens to broken ice hockey sticks during nhl game?

Broken sticks are left on the ice. The player goes to the bench to be substituted or to get a new stick. Once the hockey puck is on the other side of the rink, a referee picks up the stick and brings it to an official on a bench.

What is difference between hockey and six-a-side hockey?

six side a hockey isn't hockey its bullsh*t

Is using a lacrosse stick backwards illegal?

Depends what you mean by "backwards". If you mean catching the ball on the opposite side of the mesh, inside out, then no, its not illegal, just stupid. If you mean checking with the butt end of your stick, then it depends how hard you swing and how obvious it is. And again how stupid you want to look.

What happens if you use the rounded side of a hockey stick?

If it influences play in any way, then this is considered a foul, and a free hit is given to the other team.

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs on one side and Team Canada '72 on the other side?

it depends on a few things. first what kind of shape is the stick in? second are the people that signed it really popular(do a lot of ppl no who they are)? if the stick is in good condition and a lot of ppl no who signed it, it could be worth a lot of money.

In field hockey what position needs strong stick skills?

I think every player needs stick skills. Usually the left side field players need strong stick skills because they use reverse stick more. *This is not fact! But in my six years playing, this is my opinion*

Where is the tranmisson stick on a 1996 Lincoln markv111?

If you mean the dip stick, passenger side back of the engine compartment