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Q: What does the handicap sign symbolize?
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What is the cost of a handicapped parking ticket in Michigan?

if you park in handicap without the handicap sign if you have it or not is $190. if you park with the handicap sign and its not yours its $290

What is the difference between a red handicap sign and a blue handicap sign?

If it is a blue handicap sign, it means permanent disabilities. A red handicap sign however, means temporary disabilities like: a broken bone, or you might have it after recovering from surgeries. Hope I helped.

What type of sign is a handicap sign?

a sign that means only certain people can park there

What is the Kansas requirement for handicap sign heights?

6 feet tall is the requirement for handicap signs.

How do you say handicap in sign language?


Where can one get a disabled sign?

To apply for a handicap sign, a physician must sign off on an application for a handicap permit. You will then apply with your state Department of Motor Vehicles and they will assign you a placard for your vehicle.

Where can a handicap sign be purchased?

A handicap sign may be obtained from the DMV in the United States of America. One will be required to fill in forms and receive signed documentation from a physician, surgeon, chiropractor or other medical personal member to validate the requirement for a disabled or handicap sign.

How much does it cost to install a handicap sign?


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What has one arm one leg and a round bottom?

a handicap parking sign