What does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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What's does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike

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Q: What does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike?
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How do you start the dirt bike 49cc baja?

to start the dirt bike you press the red switch on the handle. then make sure the little black lever by the engine is down. then make sure the fuel is open.

Gas mileage of 49cc pocket bike?

Fuel mileage is about 25-30 MPG depending on how you ride it.

Fuel mixture for mini chopper?

40:1 40 parts being gas. I have a 49cc mini bike.

Is the 1994 100cc Yamaha dirt bike fuel injected?

yes all Yamaha dirt bikes are fuel injected

Why wont my Brand new 49cc dirt bike will not start?

well there are two simple rules about anything motorized. have to have fire. #2... you have to have fuel. There is also a third rule need compression , but you probally have compression since its brand new

What is the fuel to oil ratio on a 49cc pocket bike?

25-1 running in period for first 3 tanks 50-1 after that

Why would a fuel injection bike bog down?

Bad fuel, dirt in the fuel filter, dirty air filter.

How does a throttle work on a dirt bike?

Pretty much the same way as on any bike. Turn the grip and some sort of valve in the carburettor opens up wider. The engine takes in more air and more fuel and begin to spin faster and stronger.

Does a Kawasaki 85cc Dirt Bike only take racing fuel?

no, it can take regular unleaded fuel from the pump but racing fuel is the best

What is oil fuel mixture for 1988 Suzuki Rm 80 dirt bike?


When was the start fuel injection in dirt bikes?

The first fuel injected dirt bike was from ATK in the early/mid 90's, followed by Cannondale, then GasGas followed with one in 2003.

If you put a bigger fuel line in your dirt bike what will that do?

absolutely nothing. Sorry bro, all up to the Venturi to haul the fuel.