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Its a soccer ball being held up by people which is the team who wins the world cup and they its coated in gold and then green at the bottom.

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Q: What does the football world cup trophy look like?
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What does the super bowl trophy look like?

Just google Vince Lombardi Trophy. It is essentially a metal football on a stand.

What does the world cup trophy look like?

it is a world with hands holding it and has a flat bottom

How does the super bowl trophy look?

It looks like a football on a triangular base. All silver, and has the NFL logo on the front.

Can you draw the world cup trophy?

Yes. If you look at this trophy, it is not as difficult to draw as you might think.

What does the Trophy look like for the Rugby World Cup?

The Webb-Ellis Trophy is large 2 handled cup woth ornate decoration, gold in colour mounted on a black plinth

What does the World Cup look like?

the world cup looks like this: from Mackenzie McNair in Germany at HES Replica of the Jules Rimet Trophy awarded to winners Uruguay in 1930

What will the Grey Cup look like in 2013?

They did not change the trophy in 2013.

What does the Lombardi Trophy look like?

The trophy, awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl, is made completely of sterling silver. It depicts a regulation-size football in kicking position, standing 22 inches tall and weighing 7 pounds. It is valued at approximately $50,000.

What does a football player look like?

Football players can look from a variety of appearances, footballers look just like normal people.

What do eclipse look like?

like a round football

What does the foy-odk sportsmanship trophy look like?

What does the first football look like?

They looked like the ones of today. Just a regular football.

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