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The flame it's self represents purity, the pursuit of perfection and the struggle for victory. It also represents peace and friendship.

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Q: What does the flame stand for the olympics?
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What do the Olympics flame stand for?

Ancient Greeks believe Prometheus stole fire from the Gods. The flame became a symbol of Olympic Games, honoring Zeus.

Why do the Olympics have a flame?


Where does the Olympic flame start and finish and why?

The flame's journey starts in Olympia, Greece because it is the home of the Olympics, the town where the first ever Olympics took place. The flame's journey ends in the town that hosts the Olympics so the flame can light the Olympic cauldron and begin the Games.

Was there an Olympic torch at the first Olympics?

No, not until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. There was an Olympic Flame at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, but it wasn't lit using a flame brought from Greece or anywhere.

Which city was the first to light the Olympics Flame?

athens! *its actually spelt olympics;)

How do they choose who lights the Olympic flame?

they choose the flag bearer from the country the Olympics thre Olympics is held at and that person lights the olympic flame

Where is the Olympic flame lit for the winter Olympics and the summer Olympics?

The flame is lit wherever the games are. Right now in Vancouver, in two years it will be in London.

Which city first held the Olympics flame?

Olympia, Greece. First Summer Olympics

What are the children carrying with flag carriers at the Olympics?


Who got to carry the flame in the ancient Olympics?


Which city was first to light the Olympics flame?


Why did the ancient Olympics have a flame?

they probably had it to worship their gods

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