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If I'm not mistaken, it stands for "University". As in "University of Miami."

Answeri think it represents the hurricane warning AnswerIn 1973, Miami designer Bill Bodenheimer suggested the "U" idea, which lent itself to slogans like "U gotta believe" and "U is great". Lame, if you ask me. Answerthe U was/is part of an image depicting a guy catching a football.. His arms raise up to form the U, the orange and green represent the citrus industry that dominated the area

The emblem on the helmet is a meteorological symbol for hurricane.


The school chose the "U" symbol to make a statement, saying "We are the best University in College Football. Watcha gonna do about it?"

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The real answer is 1938. I've been doing trivia for Michigan Wolverines for awhile now and the correct answer was 1938. It doesn't signify anything. A former Michigan coach (Fielding Yost) came up with the idea of putting a design on the helmets so his passers would be able more easily differentiate their receivers. I don't think it really means anything. I believe they started wearing it during the 20's or 30's because it would make it easier for the players to tell who was on their team. Princeton actuall had the emblem first, and like the previous answer stated, it was used to easily find receivers in downfield. The winged helmet at Michigan was brought in not by Fielding Yost, but by Fritz Crisler in the mid 1930's, who designed the look while coach at Princeton. The pattern is actually a carry-over from the old fashioned thick leather football helmets that were worn before the composite ones that are used now came out. The distinctive design came from where the helmets were stitched together. Several teams carried the design over, like Michigan, Princeton, and Delaware.

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First of all, there are a number of things on the back of the Georgia football helmet. On the upper right side of the back of the helmet are four black letters that spell out the word "TEAM." Below that is an American Flag.

There are also several rows of what look like short white bars. If you see them up close, they are actually stickers shaped like white dog bones. You know, dog bones, treats like you might give your pet for a reward or to help keep his teeth sharp and his gums healthy.

After every game, the players are graded for their on-field performance. The dog bone stickers are awarded to U.G.A. football players for outstanding effort during each particular game. By the end of the season, these dog bone stickers will be seen on both sides of the back of the Georgia helmet. The Black dog bone stickers are awarded for academic excellence.

At the bottom of the back of the helmet, and on either side of the white helmet stripe, you will see a number. For example: on the left side of the white stripe there may be the number "2," and on the right side of the white stripe the number "0." This indicates that this particular helmet is worn by the player whose jersey number is number "20." Practically all teams number their helmets in a similar manner.

On the lower left side of the back of the helmet, beneath the dog bones, you will see a pennant shaped emblem which contains the letters "SEC." This is the official emblem of the Southeastern Conference to which U.G.A. belongs.

To my knowledge, these are all of the emblems that appear on the back of the University of Georgia football helmet.

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they earn them after a good play that they did, for example running 80 yds for a touch down, and whenever the team wins they get a sticker.And the sticker is the AXE which gets passed between Stanford and Cal to the winning team. GO CARDINAL!!

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peace on earth

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Q: What does the emblem on the back of the University of Georgia's football helmet mean?
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