What does the eagles chant OD mean?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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This is/was a chant of Eagle fans and Terrell Owens haters (interchangeable terms that have become synonymous). This is/was a derogatory chant in reference to the event where Terrell Owens had an accidental overdose medication/sleeping pills ( )

It wasn't a very nice chant, but Eagles fans aren't necessarily known for their kindness, given that they have even been accused of 'booing an Easter egg hunt' (which is just a myth started by a Bob Uecker quote back in 1980). The point is, Philly fans can be rough when you get on their bad side. Terrell definitely got on their bad side and so the chants of O.D! O.D! would ring out the same year that his near-tragic event took place.

Now that he plays for Buffalo, it remains to be seen whether or not the chants will continue?

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Q: What does the eagles chant OD mean?
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