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The center in a Basketball game should post up, rebound the ball, play defense, and score.

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2010-03-07 06:00:13
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Q: What does the center have to do in a basketball game?
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How is a basketball game started?

A basketball game starts in the center of the court with a tip off.

What is the seating capacity of the Pepsi Center?

For a basketball game there is 19309 seats

How is a basketball game organized?

A basketball game is organized by the positions on the court. On each team, there are two guards, two forwards, as well as one center.

What do you call the action of starting a basketball game in the center circle?

Tip off

How important is center in basketball game?

Center is very important on any basketball team. Center is usually relied upon to get offense and defensive rebounds, while also getting open under the basket for an easy two points.

Basketball game on December 25 2008 Lakers vs Celtics where was it at?

the staples center in LA

In Basketball how do they determine which team takes which side of the court to start the game?

with a jumpball at center court

Who has first possession of the ball in a basketball game?

The first possession in a basketball game is determine by a tip off. In the tip off the center will "tip" the ball to one of his teammates in order to gain the first possession

When was Basketball Center of Moscow Region created?

Basketball Center of Moscow Region was created in 1970.

Where is the center of gravity of a basketball?

If you were observing the ball from the outside (of the ball) the center of gravity is in the middle of the basketball.

First basketball game?

first organized basketball game

Is basketball a winter game?

Yes, basketball is a winter game.

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