What does the black panther look like?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Like any other leopard or jaguar, except for the black background color. The spots can be seen when light hits the animal directly.

and some could be black and brightest color:)

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See the image above of a Black Panther.

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Q: What does the black panther look like?
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What would a black panther look like if mixed witha cheetah?

it would look like a cheetah but larger and slower and black.

What does a Oak Grove Panther look like?

An Oak Grove Panther is a member of the Oak Grove High School in Missouri and the mascot of the school and football team is a panther.

What is the tail like on a black panther?

black and long hgchc

Who is the black panther from marve?

A hero from the avengers that is dress up like a panther

Is a black panther a lynx or a leopard?

Black panthers are leopards in black color. They are not related and do not look like lynxes at all.

What animal is black and looks like mountain lion?

Black panther.

What is like a cougar or leopard only black in color?

panther its black

Why is Black Panther called Black Panther?

becease it is black

What is the habitat of a black panther?

Black Panther temrature

How do scientists test to see if panthers are the same species as leopards?

The term 'panther' applies to certain big cats the way the word 'terrier' does to dogs. All leopards, jaguars and cougars ( also known as mountain lions or pumas ) are members of the panther family and are therefore panthers. Most people hear the word ' panther ' and think of a very big black cat. These are always black leopards or black jaguars. No-one would look at a leopard and say 'Oh look at that panther' but nevertheless it is a panther - one type of panther.

What animal is bagheera in The Jungle Book?

Bagheera does mean black tiger, but the Indians thought it looked like a black tiger, apparently, because he's a black panther.

What is the young ones of the black panther?

Black Panther Cubs. They are cute. :)