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the backstop covers 4th base to prevent the ball from passing the base allowing rounders being scored or fills that position if there is not a player on 4th stumping people out.

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it stops the ball if its a over throw

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Q: What does the backstop do when the ball is at 3rd and 4th base?
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What is the role of the backstop when the ball is hit deep between third and fourth post?

The backstop is there to catch the ball if a person at 3rd or 4th overthrows it.

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bowler, backstop, 1st base, 2nd, base, 3rd base, 4th base and then the rest are spread out around the bases

How do you be a good base fielding in rounders?

Being able to catch the ball with ease is important so you can easily run the batter out. Also, you can cover 2 positions such as the bowler can drop back to 2nd base after they've bowled or the backstop can cover 4th base

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You need to run the ball 10 yards in order to make a first down. If you fail to do this the downs fall to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The ball gets turned over after the 4th down if you failed to either punt the ball away or make a first down by then.