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They try out different strategies and such, plus they exercise (to keep in shape) ;-)

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Q: What does the average high schooll football team do at practice?
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What is churchill high schooll?

A high school

What year did lowdens high schooll of valdosta ga first beat valdosta high school of the same city in football?

Lowndes first beat Valdosta in 1977. The final score was LHS 7, VHS 2.

Is it legal to have Junior High football practice on Labor Day in Indiana?


How long can a high school football team practice?

You will have two a daysonein the morning and one in the night. The practice itself will last 2 hours generally

Who was the coach doing the scouting as the practice Forrest ran through?

The part of Forrest's college football coach, who had scouted him at an earlier high school football game, was played by Sonny Shroyer.

What is the average throwing distance for a girl throwing a football?

Mid twenties is the average distance. Around 25 or so.

Is there a way that a football player in high school could practice with a school in a state during summer and then move to another state and play?


What is high school football weather delay rule?

For every lighting strike you have to wait 30 minutes this is for a game though not sure about practice.

How long is the training for an average football player?

The average football player starts playing football in high school. The amount of training depends on the individual. Young boys who want to play pro football probably work on training every day of their high school years. Then they go on to play college football. There are cases where a person will do a 'walk on' and try out for pro ball, but it is rare. Training camps for pro football usually go on for 6 weeks to 2 months before the season starts.

What are good interview questions to ask high school football players?

1.what position do you play? 2.when did you get interested in football , & why? 3.when do y'all practice? 4.are you proud of what you've achieved so far this season?

Have big dreams of being a football player?

If a person has big dreams of being a football player they will need to practice hard during the high school career. Then, they will need to get noticed as a college player to make it to NFL.

What is the average size of a high school football team?

well i play football for ansonia ohio and there are only 26 kids on my team and thats all four grades togather